TheDOME will be in the center of mobility and very easy to reach. Located at Frankfurt International Airport with direct connection to Terminal 1&2 of Frankfurt Airport, less than a mile away from the General Aviation Terminal (GAT), directly connected to multiple public transport systems, a local train station and the ICE high speed terminal. In addition there will be dedicated exits from two of the most frequented highways in Germany. TheDOME will be the worlds best connected event site ever.

The location of TheDOME guarantees maximum accessibility, but without additional traffic to get into the city, but to relieve the city and to allow visitors an easy arrival and departure. There’s no other place where guests can travel to by plane, train and car as easy as to TheDOME and literally arrive at the venue.


Frankfurt will become the undisputed number one for tours of major artists as well as for top sport events.

TheDOME will be THE new home for all major events not only of the RheinMain Region but Germany in general and it will be one of the most visible entertainment buildings in the world. Located right at Europe’s third biggest airport and next to two major German highways, TheDOME will be seen by over 100 million people traveling by the venue every year.

Sports fans will also be able to experience thrilling sports events such as World Championships and European Championships in TheDOME. With TheDOME Frankfurt will be the final city for all Olympic indoor sports and beyond.

In no other multifunctional hall artists, athletes or other personalities can access the backstage area directly from their hotel suite by elevator.

World stars from all areas of music won’t  miss TheDOME at the airport on their tours. Frankfurt will finally return to the tour map of the top artists.