TheDOME Parking

TheDOME parking has 2,800 parking spaces, a high percentage of which are equipped with charging stations for e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
To ease traffic around TheDOME and speed up operations, TheDOME is equipped with the latest technologies, including smooth entry without barriers and waiting times. TheDOME's app will also suggest the ideal route and departure time to visitors based on the latest traffic reports and guide visitors in TheDOME directly to the pre-booked space or the next available parking space.

Loading Dock

Under the largest area of the plaza is the so-called Loading Dock. The Loading Dock is the center of logistics for all buildings. This is where the trucks for the concerts are unloaded, where the TV broadcast trucks are parked during major sporting events, where the team buses of the teams and the deliveries for TheDOME, the hotel and the forum arrive.


Solar energy is an extensively tested process that can be used to generate renewable energy on buildings. The outer skin of the facade, which consists of photovoltaic cells, can thus generate around 350,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.


TheDOME is the heart of the ensemble. With 21,500 seats, TheDOME will present the best that entertainment, sports and special events have to offer. World stars of entertainment live, big indoor shows and much more will thrill fans in an atmosphere that is as extraordinary as it is unique over decades. But TheDOME is also the new home of Frankfurt's home teams, first and foremost the Löwen Frankfurt and the United Volleys. However, TheDOME's capacity is not only used to bring the biggest stars and international sporting events to Frankfurt, but also to offer additional seating for families from the region who would otherwise not have access to these events. TheDOME will be able to provide a sufficient contingent for each event, e.g. for Frankfurt Pass holders.


The greened plaza continues the character of the city forest and connects all buildings of TheDOME ensemble. The plaza is the arrival point of the cable car, the accesses from the parking garages and TheDOME Walkway, the pedestrian connection to the long-distance train station and regional train station and directly connected to the city forest via which cyclists can reach TheDOME. On the plaza, visitors can stay before the events with a view of the city forest and the airport.


TheDOME Express is the first ropeway in Germany to be built on this scale. The ropeway connects Frankfurt Airport, the long-distance train station and regional train station as well as the airport parking garages directly with TheDOME. The transport capacity is more than 6,500 passengers per hour and direction. The ropeway supplies itself with the electricity it needs to be available 365 days a year by recovering it from the frictional energy of the rollers. The fact that such a ropeway can perfectly handle the streams of visitors is demonstrated by the ropeway of the "O2" in London.

But TheDOME Express is also an attraction for visitors to the airport, even if they do not attend events in TheDOME, as visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Rhine Main area, the skyline and the airport during the ride.


TheDOME Hotel with 250 rooms, suites and junior suites will be operated by a world-renowned hotel chain. Also in the building are the offices of TheDOME and a floor with rooms, offices and suites for artists, athletes and their entourage. Equipped with everything the guest needs while traveling, the hotel is connected to the terminals at the airport in a short distance and can be reached in less than 5 minutes by TheDOME Express and is therefore very well connected.


The cabins of the cable car are barrier-free and meet the latest standards. They transport around 35 people in less than 4 minutes from Frankfurt Airport, the regional train station and long-distance train station to TheDOME.

Lobby Vorfahrt

Die Lobby Vorfahrt dient zur Ankunft im Hotel, TheDOME und im Forum mit dem Auto, Taxi oder mit Bussen.


Flexible in capacity, seating and alignment, ideal for music or show, Corporate event or presentation: Frankfurt's largest ballroom or smallest stadium, no matter how you look at it, the atmosphere of a small hall with the possibilities of a multi-functional arena - the Forum is all that.


The Walkway is a covered, barrier-free bridge that connects TheSquaire with TheDOME. This allows visitors from the long-distance train station, regional train station, Frankfurt Airport and the airport parking garages to reach TheDOME on foot, with walking aids or wheelchairs if they do not want to take the cable car.

Sustainability. Ecological responsibility. Green technologies.

It’s time to act instead of just talk – sustainability is the ultimate goal.

In the case of TheDOME, the goal from the very beginning was to build a building ensemble that was as self-sufficient in energy as possible. After all, truly green building – i.e. zero-energy buildings – will only be achieved when a building is not only extremely efficient, but also produces enough electricity to cover its own needs and feed surplus energy into the supply grid.

Construction materials

From building materials such as wood and concrete, much of which is recycled concrete, ecological materials are used extensively. A sophisticated building concept, fine-tuned to the smallest detail, maximizes the reduction of resources and energy.


The best possible self-sufficiency through energy and water supply will be applied in TheDOME. Enabled by the latest technology in the field of photovoltaics, solar thermal, geothermal, fuel cells and rainwater harvesting and its treatment, TheDOME will set an example.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology will be optimally adapted to the use of the building in real time and will ensure the environmentally conscious use of resources. Among others, passive solar and radiant heating will be applied: i.e. air heated by the sun will be diverted and used to heat a building or – in the summer months – to supply cooler air for air conditioning.

Promising technologies from our partners can be found in solar and wind energy, and various innovations are helping to integrate these technologies into buildings. Ensembles like TheDOME are the ideal location for roof-mounted wind turbines. With near-constant airflow at higher altitudes, such turbines can provide a significant portion of a building’s own electricity needs.

Solar energy is an extensively proven method of generating renewable energy on buildings. Through the wise use of solar and wind energy, TheDOME will produce its own energy on a large scale. The outer skin, made up of photovoltaic cells, can generate around 350,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Healthy air quality / air purification

TheDOME uses high performance filters and a regular replacement program to ensure particle removal effectiveness of MERV 13 or higher, ensuring better air quality and energy efficiency in our HVAC system. Air purification plays a major role in TheDOME.

UV light and photoreactive chemicals, which are found in a similar form in the earth’s atmosphere, are used to purify the air. The systems used in TheDOME make it possible to reuse a large part of a building’s indoor air, thus reducing heating costs, for example.

highly efficient LED lighting

TheDOME will utilize the latest development of innovative, efficient lighting technologies. Extensive use of inorganic (LED) and organic (OLED) light-emitting diodes guarantee significant savings in energy requirements for lighting.

The LED lights used in TheDOME are 40% more efficient and 50% brighter than lighting used in other stadiums. The higher color temperature of the light produced results in higher contrast, which improves athletes’ reaction time, attention and visual acuity. Reduced flicker rates mean the lighting can now support UHD Ultra Slow Motion in TV broadcasts. An improved optical design with twice as many aiming points reduces glare and light pollution. The energy saved by the new lighting is enough to power about 150 homes each day.

Energy efficient technologies and design

The interior of TheDOME and the Forum is controlled by automation technologies designed to identify and eliminate wasted or inefficient energy use. The high-tech energy management program ensures that energy consumption is reduced and the efficiency of all equipment used is optimized. The various systems used to operate TheDOME are carefully calibrated to specific usage patterns and reduce the power consumption of lighting and ventilation systems when they are not needed.

Composting and recycling

All plans concerning the so-called waste management of TheDOME are designed to achieve a zero-waste target and to promote a circular economy based on composting and recycling. 

For example, TheDOME uses only compostable cutlery and packaging for catering, trays, boxes, plates and cups in all buildings and completely eliminates non-compostable petroleum-based plastics.

Food waste is composted rather than landfilled, and cardboard, glass, metal, plastics and paper are recycled.

The result of a combined effort by the building’s visitors and home teams, this will keep approximately 85 percent of the arena’s total trash out of landfills, making TheDOME one of the most successful recycling sites in all of sports. 

The use of trash compactors for the small percentage of non-recycled trash in the arena improves air quality by reducing the number of trash trucks needed. 

Recovery of used cooking oil

Over the course of a year, it is estimated that more than 150,000 liters of cooking oil are recovered and recycled from TheDOME and Forum. This oil is then used to produce approximately 100,000 liters of biodiesel fuel, which results in carbon reductions when used in TheDOME’s supplier vehicles.


The vehicle fleet of TheDOME, as well as all applied service vehicles are electrically powered. In the parking garages, a large proportion of the parking spaces are equipped with charging stations. In addition, there are charging stations for e-bikes in the bicycle garage to the same extent. The charging stations are powered by electricity generated by TheDOME itself.

Water saving / water harvesting

TheDOME will be a responsible companion when it comes to protecting Frankfurt’s precious and irreplaceable water system. Through careful monitoring and highly efficient plumbing fixtures, TheDOME will use approximately 60% less water each year than conventional arenas. The rainwater produced will be collected from all buildings and used for service water, but also for the creation of the ice surface in TheDOME. 


The Corona pandemic has shown that hygiene is of great, vital importance and will continue to be so in the future.

TheDOME uses the latest technologies in terms of visitor hygiene. By enriching the service water with ozone, the hands of the visitors are automatically disinfected after washing their hands. This eliminates the need for additional disinfection. The same technology is also used in the hotel and forum.

Smart construction

The structural steel used in the construction of TheDOME will be made from recycled material and the concrete forms will be reusable. Used recycled concrete aggregate will be incorporated into the concrete mix. All construction vehicles and equipment must run on low-sulfur fuel, biodiesel, or electric.

TheDOME has been accepted by the UN into the United Nations Climate Change – Global Climate Action Sports for Climate Action program and is committed to its principles.

Central in germany
and in the middle of Europe

The Rhine-Main metropolitan region is centrally located in Germany and thus in the heart of Europe. The Frankfurt Airport hub is optimally connected for visitors from Germany and all over the world.

By train, car, plane – TheDOME can be reached by 50 million people within a few hours.

Mannheim        31min

Cologne        55min

Stuttgart        73min

Strasbourg        105min

Nuremberg        124min

Hanover        139min

Saarbrücken        140min

Brussels        191min,      45min

Munich        210min,      45min

Leipzig        214min

Amsterdam        218min,      55min

Paris        218min,      75min

Hamburg        230min,      45min

Bremen        231min

Zurich        233min,      60min

Berlin        260min,      45min

Dresden        285min

Prague        433min,      70min

At the center of mobility

People’s environmental awareness has changed the mobility mix. Just as great as the desire for less traffic and better public transport connections is the desire for green spaces, public sports areas and parks. Cities are doing everything they can to prevent additional traffic. 

TheDOME fulfills all the requirements for a location for a multifunctional arena that has as little additional impact on the environment and traffic as possible. Directly connected to Frankfurt Airport, in the immediate vicinity of the ICE long-distance train station and regional train station as well as with a direct connection to the two most important highways in the country, TheDOME offers excellent accessibility connected to an already existing and efficient infrastructure.

The location guarantees easy accessibility and enables visitors to arrive and depart easily. They can arrive by long-distance train, plane, local transport or by car so easily and virtually arrive at the building.  

Charging stations for e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles are extensively available, as are charging stations for e-bikes. In order to charge hundreds of e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles during the event, a powerful infrastructure is needed to meet the demand in addition to the requirements of the hall. 

Arriving at TheDOME

From all over Germany and many European cities, almost 400 trains bring you directly to Frankfurt Airport every day. So your visit to TheDOME practically starts at your doorstep. The visit of a concert, a show or a sports event, so to speak from the train to the concert is very easy.

ICE, Regio, S-Bahn – direct stop only a few meters away from TheDOME.

You have the choice: Every day, over 170 ICE and IC trains stop at the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport. The journey from Cologne or Stuttgart takes only one hour – it could hardly be faster.

In addition, more than 220 regional trains connect the airport with many cities in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria every day. In addition, commuter trains run every quarter of an hour to Frankfurt city center and the Rhine-Main region. There is no arena with better connections.

at its best

Music connects people, old and young, rich and poor. Music knows no nationality, religion, skin color. Music is for everyone. At the same time, it is individual and has many facets. It touches our hearts, makes us dance, celebrate. We set the stage for great emotions, unforgettable moments, spectacular experiences, bring people together.

TheDOME – Frankfurt’s home for world stars and idols.

21,500 seats

Total capacity for concerts with front stage. 21,500 seats for sporting events. All seats provide the maximum experience and the perfect atmosphere. Maximum 25,000 visitor capacity for concerts.

3 million visitors

Every year, around 3 million visitors are expected to attend more than 200 events of all kinds in TheDOME and TheDOME Forum.

3,800 premium seats

Four Premium Seat products, especially developed for TheDOME, provide for the special event experience. From large/sociable to small/intimate, there is something for every taste and budget. Always with the best service and quality products.

Event Variety

Exceptional concerts by world stars. National and international sports highlights. Comedy and cultural highlights. Incomparable variety. Everything can be experienced in TheDOME.

Service Standards

28 Food & Beverage sales stations on three levels. Variety of culinary delights. Fast lanes. Order & pick up system. Intelligent cup systems for self-refill. Convenience at its best. 

Exclusive brand world

TheDOME makes brands come alive. Addressing the target group in a highly emotional and innovative environment. As part of the content. Integrate your own brand world. Highly exclusive on three partner levels. 

sporting events

Sport creates great moments.
Moments full of top performances, passion, emotions. Moments that determine victory or defeat, medals and trophies.

Sport creates heroes.

TheDOME offers the playing field for top sports and a home for Frankfurt’s home teams.

360 VIEW
A digital firework awaits the visitor when entering TheDOME. The inner wall of the complete Main Concourse is made of LEDs throughout and is the visual eye-catcher. 6 meters high and up to 380 meters long, unprecedented in the arena world. A digital playground for brand communication.

Unlimited possibilities to attract the attention of visitors. In addition, a networked display system with up to 1,800 TV screens guarantees a perfect visitor experience and extensive brand awareness.
The architecture of TheDOME is highly innovative and gives free space. An open concept in the circulation allows a free view of the different levels. All levels are connected barrier-free with numerous escalators and elevators. There is even a direct connection from the entrance level to the top level with the longest escalator ever installed in an arena. With magnificent views throughout the entire circulation. Comfortable means of transport and experience at the same time.
With more than 700m2 LED surface, TheDOME offers the largest Jumbotron in the world and provides the perfect spectator experience. It is the enormous dimensions that give every spectator the best view of the action. The protagonists in close-up. Information and entertainment program. Repetition of the most important scenes. Everything visible and tangible as never before.

Together with three LED power rings on the stands, TheDOME offers the most modern synchronized advertising space.


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